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Friday, September 3, 2010

Virus Signature Database Update 5418 may cause an "ekrn.exe" error or other issues


Virus Signature Database Update 5418, released on September 2, 2010 at 6:00 AM PST may cause an "ekrn.exe" error. Other reported issues include ekrn crashing, systems not responding and threat notifications with blank name fields.

At 8:00 AM PST, Virus Signature Database update 5419 was released In most cases, restarting your computer and updating your ESET security product will resolve the issues you are experiencing.

If the issue persists after restarting and updating your ESET security product, then restart again. If you still experience issues after restarting twice, uninstall and reinstall your ESET security product.

Business Customers
If you cannot restart your system, update your ESET security product to Virus Signature Database update 5419 and run "net start ekrn" from the Command Line to start ekrn.exe. If you receive a message that ekrn started successfully, your issue should be resolved.
If you are using a mirror server, click Tools → Server options → Updates and deselect the Provide updates via internal http server option. Click Update now and ensure that it updates to 5419. Then re-select the Provide updates via internal http serveroption and click OK.
If you continue to receive this error or experience other issues related to this update, and you are currently running virus signature update 5419, download and run this utility: on all workstations.
For customers running virus signature update 5417 or 5418, run the utility and then manually update workstations.
If you continue to experience problems after completing all steps above, please click here to contact ESET Customer Care. See below for a brief chronology of the virus signature update history related to this issue.
Update 5419 (20100902) – This update resolved issues in the majority of cases. An additional utility was released for business customers to prevent the need for server restarts.
09/02/2010 -  7:33 AM PST

Update 5418 (20100902) – The issue manifested after upgrade to 5418 or 5419.
09/02/2010 5:36 AM PST

Update 5417 (20100902) – Problematic update.
09/02/2010 1:23 AM PST

Update 5416 (20100901) – Last successful update. Users updating from 5416 directly to 5419 were not affected.
09/01/2010 - 11:51 PM PST

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